Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Time for a Serious Post

(Warning: Soul searching may be involved)

So the whole immigration issue has exploded across the country.
Great, another divisive issue for Americans to tear each other apart over.
But it is an important issue that must be resolved somehow.
From this debate, I'll put up a question that will hopefully make everyone think a bit about this situation.

Are people fine with illegal immigration because the people coming here are primarily Mexican? Sure, they want to come here to work, and be free, while only a small percentage commit crimes, whether through malice or ignorance of the law. Some of those crimes are especially violent, and particularly heinous, but that's not the majority. So does that make it fine?

Now for the soul searching. And remember, you don't have to answer here, or anywhere. In fact, you can go ahead and bury your response deep in the recesses of your soul where the things you don't want to admit to yourself, let alone someone else, reside.

If, instead of there being twelve million illegal immigrants of Mexican origin, it was twelve million illegal immigrants of middle eastern origin, most notably those of the Muslim faith, would you still be ok with it?
Most of them would only want to come here for work, and freedom. Only a small percentage would commit crimes, some especially violent, and particularly heinous.

Would people still be clamoring for them to have a path to citizenship, so they could come out of the shadows? In doing so, becoming a strong voting bloc, of course. Perhaps taking over entire sections of large cities, where the police won't go except under extreme circumstances.

But is it alright because it's actually Mexicans coming across the border, and the majority of violent crimes they commit (not that the majority of them are criminals) occur down in the border states? As opposed to say, millions of Muslims coming across the border, where only a small percentage will commit violent crimes, but those crimes could be planned to happen anywhere in the nation, the larger the target, the greater the impact? Does the fact that the crimes are unlikely to happen to you factor into the decision?

Just something to think about.

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