Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two Heavens

On a cloud in heaven, a man sits quietly
Silently weeping, no joy in his heart
An angel alights asking why he cries
My love has forgotten, she prays no more

Humans are fickle, perhaps she moved on
The man shook his head, that is not true
I believe she has passed, but is not here
The angel felt sadness, sharing his grief

Eyes full of tears, the man faced the angel
I searched all of heaven, I fear the worst
This is not paradise, without my lost love
Which way is the darkness, I must seek

Heart full of regret, the angel tells the man
Out through the gates, down from the clouds
I must counsel against, entering the flames
A bittersweet smile, as the man walks away

Out of heaven he treads, seeking perdition
Clouds part beneath him, his descent begins
He falls for a day, through the sky and earth
Till he stands before hell, fire in his eyes

The devil appears, a sly grin on his face
A soul seeking damnation, I bid you welcome
Those who leave heaven, can never return
This is your place now, enter if you dare

Fiercely determined, he strides to the devil
Face to face with evil, he demands to know
Where is my love, I will find her at all cost
A burnt and torn soul, a small price to pay

This first time in memory, the devil is moved
Wickedness and evil were all that he knew
This new feeling, a mixture of emotions
Love, loss and hope, the devil is weeping

To sacrifice your soul, your eternal bliss
Seeking this hell, not knowing the outcome
Having once known, this fierce love you have
I threw it away, but you hold it ever closer

Your love is here, her sins weighed heavy
To be punished for all time, she cannot leave
If your courage holds strong, your love, true
Be guided by me, to the sadness you'll face

Through sulfur and flame, the devil and man
Walk down hell's road to a pit of despair
An ocean of fire, spreads out to eternity
Cries of pain and anguish thunder throughout

The devil turns to the man, letting him know
Your love lies within, entombed in the flames
She is among the uncountable souls inside
An eternity of searching, might yet await

The man does not hear, the devil's words empty
Drawn to the fire, he leaps from the edge
His soul is engulfed, the sea of flame rages
Nearly lost in the pain, he begins to search

Every movement is agony, he cannot give up
His senses assaulted, he presses on deeper
Each soul he approaches, their pain becomes his
Enduring the onslaught, he must find her

Time loses its meaning, pain becomes numbness
He struggles to move, to remember her face
I cannot lose hope, I will find her in here
This hell will not win, not before we're together

Something is strange, woman's soul up ahead
Denying the pain, loss and sadness surround her
The man approaches, awash in her feelings
Her internal agony, dwarfs the sea of flames

Too shocked to speak, he opens his arms
She cannot see him, knows not that he is near
Pulling her close, hot tears stream down his face
Before he can speak, she struggles, pushing him away

Her eyes are closed, she seeks not redemption
Unable to face the sins of her past, she is lost
What new hell is this, he cannot be here
To torment me this way, you must be the devil

She fights to get free, but he will not let go
Holding her tightly in his arms, he speaks
I have come for you my love, heaven is gone
There is no paradise, without you near

Her struggles grow weaker, her suspicion subsiding
Such sweet words, only he would speak them
Are you the master of lies, or my love from heaven
She wants to believe, to trust, to forgive herself

He must get through to her, she must feel his heart
Speaking of their life together, the secrets they share
The story of his journey, how love carried him to her
To banish her fears, the last words he spoke in life

She has opened her eyes, to see her lover's face
Why did you come, there's no place for you here
Surely in heaven, where you would find peace
This is my punishment, for the time before you

Still holding her close, he'll never let go again
My place is with you, this will be our heaven
The sins of your past, will not change our love
To bear them with you, I will face anything

She pleads with him, to return whence he came
And cries when he tells her, he will never go back
You gave up heaven to find me, not knowing my sins
What punishment may come, I will share with you

Forever and on, the two souls will be one
In a sea of fire, in the depths of hell
Their love and hope, keep them safe
A new kind of heaven, forgetting the past

Monday, September 21, 2009


Wow, what a day. Who knew I'd actually meet someone through the internet? All this time I'd thought it was just a crock that people met online and it led to actual relationships. Well I've got something to say about that, BULL! I'm living proof, right here baby.

I'm not sure how to pronounce her name, but she sent me all these pictures of herself and I gotta say, WOW! And the best part is, she's rich! Nigerian royalty, who knew a spoiled princess would be online looking for love! If I get in good with her, I'll be set for life.

Now, I know what you're thinking, too good to be true, right? Well, even though I just met her, I think she's telling the truth. And she swears she's an 18 year old rich girl who was a cheerleader in high school. Not only royalty, but cheerleading royalty! How can I pass that up?

I tell ya, life is really lookin up for me. Now I just gotta find my bank account number.

Friday, September 11, 2009

World Government

I think it's time for the nations of the world to band together to form a global governing body. I know, I know, the conservative in me finds the idea repulsive. But with the US military being spread so thin, and no guarantees of troop commitments from other countries, who will fight back if/when aliens finally show up to take over this planet? The UN? Really? A global organization that can't even handle food shipments without half of it getting sold on the black market (can I use that term? too racist? ok, underground economy) is going to save us from an alien invasion? If you believe that, I have a successful, liberal biased newspaper company to sell you (it turns a profit, I swear!).

Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Post Ahoy!

While I would like to write something profound for the first post on my blog, I just can't imagine being that productive when it's so hot in this apartment. Whoever decided where to mount the A/C unit deserves to be beaten.